Philomena D.


Back in early 2011, after having herniated my lower five discs in late 2010, the pain management person, NOT NY Sports and Spinal, said “you will have to give up riding” (horses). I felt like someone was ripping out a piece of me. Thereafter, I met Karn for extensive PT and he said “it is far too soon to make any determination but I think you will ride again” After six months of PT, I was riding again and all these years since. I got to ride in the 2017 Thanksgiving day parade! Last year, my rotator cuff failed me and there was only one place I was going for PT! When I told the orthopedist where I was going for physical therapy he said I made a very wise choice. Unfortunately surgery was unavoidable and I’m back at New York Sports and Spinal post surgery. They are a professional group regardless of whether you are interacting with the front office, the trainers or the therapist and they are always timely with your appointments.