Physical Therapy Can Help You Leave The Pain Relievers Behind

April 20th, 2020

If you’re taking pain relievers and just don’t want to stay dependent on them forever, physical therapy can be exactly the solution you need. Physical therapy can be very beneficial for both short-term pain (usually, that which lasts just a few weeks or months) and long-term or chronic pain (that which lasts for more than

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Lumbar Pain Relief | NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy

March 7th, 2019

In this video, our physical therapist, Dr. Karn Santikul, demonstrates several different techniques that physical therapists can use to relieve your symptoms of sciatica, back pain, stiffness, or aches. Manual therapy performed by physical therapists may be able to help you with: 🔻Chronic pain (knees, low back, shoulder, etc) 🔻Postural Imbalances 🔻Trigger Point Release 🔻Poor

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