In-Home Physical Therapy

How It Works

When it comes to providing treatment for elderly or homebound patients with special needs, such as injuries or conditions that may affect mobility, home physical therapy is a great option. As with any long-term care option, you should consider several factors when choosing between in-home physical therapy and outpatient care for your parent. 

Choosing the right form of care for a family member is essential to maintaining their health and wellness, both physically and psychologically. One of the most obvious benefits of home physical therapy is its convenience. It can be difficult for patients with physical limitations to travel to and from a physical therapist’s clinic to receive their treatment.

At New York Sports & Spinal, our expert professionals make it possible for you to receive professional care in the comfort of your own home.

Much like any other physical therapy practice, we still conduct an initial examination of each patient to determine the best course of treatment for their needs. Our in-home treatments will commonly consist of gentle exercises to get patients used to moving again and help maintain function in any areas that may be affected by injury or disease.

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