Patient Testimonials

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    Experienced & expert physical therapist who knows the steps & treatment to obtain the best possible results.

    Jan G.

  • Before and After Surgery

    This is the best place to go for PT! I have been going after reverse shoulder replacement surgery at HSS. Karn is amazing! He is so thoughtful and constantly trying new approaches to increase my range of motion and strength. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this place!!!

    Janet O.

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    It was a great plus to find a Physical Therapist facility close to my home who were knowledgeable, personable, and empathetic to my pain. The office and equipment is clean and the office staff was friendly and professional. I love the Scarsdale office, great location.

    John D.

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    I highly recommend NYSSPT for all therapy needs!
    I’ve been seeing Karl & Karn Post ACL/ Meniscus Surgery and they have been nothing but the best. They answer any and all questions, and make sure to adjust your therapy according to your needs as you progress day by day. My surgeon has been super happy & impressed with their work especially given the severity of my injury. Definitely the best PT place!

    Adela M.

  • Team Work
    This place is the best. I am a union Firefighter and got badly hurt on the job. I hurt my back so bad, I couldn’t walk! I went here for PT, after 3 months I was walking normal again. I highly recommend this place! They are worth every dollar.
    Rocco G.

  • Feeling Achy

    I have been very blessed and fortunate to have met Karn when I needed to find a Physical therapist trained in Graston to help delay an inevitable hip replacement surgery. Not only was goal met – I had been critical list and within short period of time went from critical immediate to when it’s convenient and you’d like to schedule – not only was I able to schedule the surgery when it was convenient a year later I was in excellent shape, back to work in 2-weeks and back in the tennis court in two months. That was ten years ago. Karn has been and continues to be my trusted resource go-to guide and Physical Therapist ever since. I’ve been through many injuries. Tennis and life: shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist – and through it all – nys&s has always gotten me back on the court! My gratitude to you Karn and team always!

    Rosemary C.

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    During my first visit I was scheduled to spend 30 minutes each with the therapist and an assistant (to assist with exercises), but my therapist spent the entire hour on an evaluation and some initial therapy, as well as to discuss the treatment plan and answer all of my questions and concerns. That alone told me everything I needed to know about their patient focus (which hasn’t changed at all during subsequent visits). Highly recommended!

    Michael W.

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    Great place. Very caring staff,everyone is helpful & spends time with you unlike some places I’ve been where they spend 15 minutes with you. Would recommend to anyone!

    Sheryl J.

  • Trigger Point Therapy Scarsdale, NY

    My daughter came to see Dr. Julie Carr for an old hamstring injury, and could barely walk. Julie was amazing, not only did she listen to our concerns, but she helped my daughter to a speedy recovery. We were told several different reasons for her pain, but after one appointment she was able to distinguish exactly where her pain was coming from. My daughter was able to heal quickly from his convenient office hours and all of the at home stretching. I am super thankful that I found this great place. Thank you!

    Lucille C.

  • Physical Therapy

    Friendly, personal attention. Patient centered, they listen and adjust treatment based on feedback.

    Jeff B.

  • thorndale ny sports and spine

    Great experience for both my daughter and me! My daughter has pigeon toe, which severely impacted her running while playing soccer. We took her to Karn, he examined her and gave us two suggestions: First, strengthen the hip muscle, second, try orthotic or prosthetic care. With all these efforts, she can now run straight! I also had back pain and should problem, again with Karn’s treatment, now they are gone. His knowledge and care for people is unbelievable, would recommend to everyone!

    Lihua W.

  • core strength

    This is the absolute best physical therapy I have ever had! This is not the typical physical therapy mill. The staff is professional and they spend a good deal of time working on each client individually. I would use them anytime I need PT.

    Jerry N.

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    Back in early 2011, after having herniated my lower five discs in late 2010, the pain management person, NOT NY Sports and Spinal, said “you will have to give up riding” (horses). I felt like someone was ripping out a piece of me. Thereafter, I met Karn for extensive PT and he said “it is far too soon to make any determination but I think you will ride again” After six months of PT, I was riding again and all these years since. I got to ride in the 2017 Thanksgiving day parade! Last year, my rotator cuff failed me and there was only one place I was going for PT! When I told the orthopedist where I was going for physical therapy he said I made a very wise choice. Unfortunately surgery was unavoidable and I’m back at New York Sports and Spinal post surgery. They are a professional group regardless of whether you are interacting with the front office, the trainers or the therapist and they are always timely with your appointments.

    Philomena D.

  • Sports Injuries

    I’ve been a patient here for foot/ankle injury and for shoulder/neck issues. Both Karn, Lacey and their staff are wonderful! Attentive, empathetic, focused, and committed. The facility is like a private little gym. clean and never overcrowded!!! Hope not to have a reason to need services, but this is the place to go!!!

    Sharon F.

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    Lacey and Curtis are a professional and effective team. Manual manipulation, exercise, and advice on how to move/work out have done more to alleviate my sciatic pain from herniated discs than chiropractic adjustments and epidural injections (which were helpful, but provided only temporary relief). I highly recommend NYSSPT!

    Louisa V.

  • laser therapy ny sports and spine Scarsdale & Thornwood NY

    I had to go for physical therapy it was my 1st time ever at physical therapy and my 1st time there. The staff is polite and professional. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a physical therapist and/or a personal trainer. Even though at times my visit was painful due to my shoulder because it was being as Karn called it “cranked out” it was a good experience. They are on time with their appointments they do not overbook so you are not rushed and you are paid attention to. I got there early in fear that I was going to be late for my first appointment so I saw the time and dedication and tentativeness that they had with other clients.

    Jae M.

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    Expert knowledge, individual attention and positive results are the hallmark of care I have always received at NY Sports and Spinal Therapy.

    Fran R.

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    First off let me say, this place saved me!!! I am a nurse and my back is a huge part of my job. I came to them with a back injury after an incident at work. With two small children at home, I needed to get back to normal and I needed it to be Fast!! The team worked with me to strengthen my back and surrounding muscles allowing me to get back to work!! Can’t thank them enough!

    Lauren B.

  • post surgical ny sports and spinal

    NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy is run by an amazing group of professionals who really understand how to help you recover from an injury as well as treat you for post surgical recovery. Great one on one attention. You guys are the best!

    Daniel S.

  • Shoulder therapy Scarsdale & Thornwood NY

    The people in this office are fabulous, with excellent physical therapists who provide the latest techniques and have up to date information for each patient. Facility is well equipped and the team starting with Terry, Lacey, Carl and Karn are the best around. I have used them over 15 years for different injuries

    Hollis B.

  • Hand Therapy Scarsdale, NY

    The staff at NY Sports and Spinal is second to none. They are caring, knowledgeable and dedicated. They worked around my super busy schedule and always took me in for my appointments on time. Their hand specialist even came in on an off day to see my daughter. The care we received was amazing. They helped me fix a back issue that had plagued me for years, and helped my daughter successfully through a long term recovery after hand surgery. I cannot recommend them enough.

    Amanda K.

  • herniated disk

    Coming to New York Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy for knee surgery recovery, I was met by a professional and gracious work staff. Karn made visits personal and demonstrated a true care and concern for my improvement and wellness, often not seen in today’s medical field. Each session was more demanding than the last, but the excellent results, and the improvement in my movement and ability to walk pain-free was achieved by his guidance and support. I have Karn and his vivacious team to thank for my positive experience and a healed ailment.

    Oraan Z.