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One on One Treatments

If you are like most, you have probably have received physical therapy treatments at a large hospital or corporate physical therapy office. Your sessions were with 5 patients, impersonal, and you were left doing exercises alone. At NY Sports and Spinal PT, you will receive personalized attention from start-to-finish. Our physical therapist make sure your treatment is custom to your needs and injury.  If you feel you could get more out of your physical therapy sessions, give us a call to book an appointment today!

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Personalized Treatments

We always make sure your physical therapy appointment is all about you. Not only will you work with your  physical therapist, but you’ll also have dedicated time with an exercise specialist. They’ll give you all their attention while you do your exercises, so you’re never alone.

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Hands-On, Manual Therapy

We are all about being hands-on! In fact, all of the doctors are trained in Manual Therapy. Manual Therapy is the fundamental focus of our treatment approach and every visit you will receive hands-on therapy that is crucial to your recovery. If your physical therapy clinic is leaving you at the equipment, call us today to start getting the hands-on treatment you need.

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Cutting-Edge Equipment

With our cutting-edge equipment, we rarely have you doing boring “bed” exercises. Instead of just having you do your home exercises with us, we take advantage of our amazing equipment by developing an individual exercise program for you to do at our clinic.